Storyboards are drawn out in Adobe Photoshop, then exported into Toom Boom Storyboard Pro.


Sid the Squirrel

A squirrel takes a young man’s brand-new convertible out for a joy ride after he has shown himself “indecent” in front of Sid’s home.

Crazy antics ensue.


Kill the Farmboy Adaptation

Based off the first seven pages from Kevin Hearne & Delilah S. Dawson’s novel, Kill the Farmboy: The Tales of Pell.

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, a hero, the Chosen One, was born . . . and so begins every fairy tale ever told.
This is not that fairy tale.
There is a Chosen One, but he is unlike any One who has ever been Chosened. And there is a faraway kingdom, but you have never been to a magical world quite like the land of Pell.


"PaleCo" Storyboard Animatic - Commercial Product

In this world, dinosaurs/prehistoric creatures exist. A company has innovated a way to bring a child’s dino dream come to life. This product is a custom product where the child describes what type of dino they’d want as a friend/pet. They describe this animal in detail and draw it out to fit


Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Cut Scene: Luigi and the Bean Fruit

A video game cut scene based off the Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Nintendo game. Luigi defeats the Piranha Plant and saves Prince Peasly who gives him the magical Bean Fruit.

“It’s Gonna Get Weird” - Villain Song

A clown carny magician, Charlie, is the most popular entertainment showman in town. He’s come to the biggest theater to perform his final showcase. The theater is fancy with only the rich and wealthy welcomed tonight. As he starts to sing the performance song - “It’s gonna get weird” - he performs just as he always would. Then, as the beat finally drops, chaos erupts, doors slam shut, and ghost emerge from the walls trapping the audience inside. It’s revealed that Charlie is not just a magician, but a demon from another realm. From here, Charlie leads through his “villainous song” chorusing his history and final demise he plans to set onto the town.

Audio: "It's Gonna Get Weird" by Neil Cicierega/Cover by Penny Parker


The Diamond Thief

In the dark of night, a security guard protects the museum’s new prime jewel. Little does he know that someone is lurking about and itching to steal it for themselves.